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Hi im BoBo :3. I'm an ok person I guess.... Unless u make me mad. I'm a faggot when I'm mad YAY! But If we become good friends I'll always remember u. Have a Nice Day from your little freak ~BoBo
Words Of Wisdom: I Want What I Cannot Get Therefore I Cannot Get What I Wish To Receive~ By Me
Anyway Here's me
HAIR : Sandy Brown
SKIN:Yellow (White African American)
O-o uhhhhh let me show u my callsign--> ������¸B���´������½'���§ P���«rf���«���©t
--------------------------------------------------------- 1st Online
Family Punkin: Mom
Mia: Big sis
Summerrocks: Big sis
CC (CrazyChic): Big sis
Kotyb: Big bro
Sourtartz: Big sis
Guys you know what I've grown up... I know from 10-13 (basically) isn't a big difference to you but through those years my life has changed... I was an immature little kid but now I think I've matured enough to become responsible and stable'y likable again. so... If you want to give me a chance.... Want to be friends? :3
Bobo Was a bad kid. and you can see from my experience that when you are a bad kid u get older and become a good teenager or adult. So bad kids, I can't judge you. Neither can I judge good kids. Just, both of you keep up the good work.

I'll usually be on Home4dsi I want to get a new group of friends again

if I'm not there im either offline, p-chatting, or on check dsitaco before assuming anything

I'm also making a best friend list. PM me to see if you can be included.

bobo does not have a Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo 3DS friend code.

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