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i luv dogs and cats i'm a big fan of duck dynasty. I also luv my little pony, my fav pony is Rarity and Rainbow Dash! Quotes: Go Canterlot WonderColts -Rarity from Equestria Girls
Soups up everypony -AppleJack
She's psychic -Pinkie Pie from Equestria Girls
I'm Twlight Sparkle -Twlight Sparkle from Equestria Girls
Back then i was really shy -Fluttershy
That is AWESOME! -Rainbow Dash

My letter to Rainbow Dash!:

Dear Rainbow Dash,
You are so awesome! I enjoy you so much! 20% cooler for life! I really want to be sisters with you!
love, Cat23
Quotes from songs:
I'll put 1 finger in the air -I really don't care
Boom Clap sound of my heart the beat goes on and on -Boom Clap
And she said I wish that I could be like the cool kids cuz all the cool kids they seem to get it- Cool Kids

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 0602-6822-7786

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