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I have social media where my friends can contact me.
Skype:ask me
Discord: dead inside#9376
Just message me there letting me know who you are.

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Name:I'm not telling you
One thing no one knows is is that im a premie by a month
Hobbies: Playing with my cats, riding my bike, drawing, writing songs, and hanging out with my family.
Where i live: United states soccer and baseball mac and cheese
I want to be a vet technician after highschool. I know some of you are probably asking why not become a vet since they earn more? Well yes they earn more around $91,000 a year, but that depends on your degree, how many hours a week you work, and how much you get paid. There are some jobs that i couldn't do as well.

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I'm engaged.

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Thanks dashie for always being there for me when u can. Words could never say enough how close we've become together i hope this closeness never ends.

people I love show
juan,timmy,jamal,dashie,rocket, allie, rawr2you, joey, etc.

people I dont like show
Darth,shane,queenmerci, alphys, etc.

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Yes for those of you who ask me if my mom passed away is true yes it is. I'm just glad she isn't suffering anymore. I love her dearly and will really miss her. That doesn't change the fact that I didn't want her to go yet. It's just like when you have someone you're close to you don't want them to go when they're sick. Although sometimes that's just God's plan for them even if that's not what you want.

which Warrior cat are you show
You are Bluestar, leader of ThunderClan. You are protective, noble, and just.

founding leaders of the five clans show
Shadowstar for shadowclan, riverstar for river clan, skystar for skyclan, thunderstar for thunderclan, and windstar for windclan.

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These are the codes I used to design my

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Now I honestly have too many games and I'm constantly getting new ones or getting rid of old ones. So I'll just put my consoles here.I have a ps3,two wiis because on one of them the cooling fan stopped working,a Wii u which I just got fairly recently so I don't have any games yet, my 2dsxl sadly my 3ds broke,now a Nintendo switch once it gets shipped

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 3755-2009-4480

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