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Hi there! I'm a guy from a place! If (for some reason) you want to know more stuff about me see directly below. If you are here for an OC, just skip all that stuff.

Basic Information show

Name: Daniel/Steve
Age: 17
Gender: Male.
Home Country: Ireland

Favourite Things show

Song: This one.
Game: Chrono Trigger
Game Genre: None particularly
Anime: Your Lie in April/Code Geass
Cartoon: Gravity Falls
YouTuber= Gigguk, Computing Forever, ChippyGaming.
Pokemon= Gardevoir, Sableye, Houndoom, a bunch of others.

Bhroodon show
Gender: Male
Race: Elf
Age: 14,573
Birthplace: Newgrange
Current Dwelling: Co.Cork
Likes: Modern technology, ancient history
Dislikes: The Anunaki. Despises the Entity most of all
Bio Was trained at a young age to be the best. He and his 2 siblings were trained by the Mage. They can all teleport and use magic but Bhroodon is also an Elemental Master. He is the Great Hero of Legend but only one creature knows(and no, he does not know). He is the Guardian of The Amulet of Courage

SC5967 show
SC will be built 50 years from now. He will be built with an AI that can adapt to any situation. He is armed with many weapons. He will be sent back in time to the Middle Ages. He had obtained the ability to cast magic spells using tomes. He travelled to the present day where he still stays. He originally obeyed orders, however, he resisted and became a mercenary

Theo Mastrus show

Name: Theo Mastrus
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Very little is known about Theo. He works at a small cafe for slightly less than minimum wage. He works there with his best friend Fred. He always keeps a pistol and small knife on his person. He is skilled with a katana and bow. He always wears a hoodie with a large eye on the front and wings on the back. The wings, however, seem to have knives rather than feathers. He also wears trousers with a bee stinger pattern and gloves with mouths on the palm. He is fascinated by Demonology. He recently came into possession of a human skull with strange markings etched into it, and a flask filled with human blood.

Serenity show

Age: 7
Gender: Female
Species: AI (Artificial Intelligence)
Hair colour: White (variable)
Skin: Pale (variable)
Eye colour: Grey
Height: 4ft 11in
Body: Thin
HEAD Yellow Flower
TORSO White Frilled dress
LEGS/FEET White Sandles

Object Eraser
Enemy Destroyer

Micheal Wade, creator/father

Sableye show
Gender Male
Age As old as the Sinnoh Lake Trio
Known Moves Shadow sneak and shadow claw
Has black diamonds for eyes
He has a Sableite that allows him to Mega Evolve but the crystal is blue, not red

Cian show

Age: 16
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Info: Cian grew up in Ireland, for 12 years he and his best friend stayed by each other. Then, they were struck hard by the recession, both families were forced to emigrate to America. This didn't separate them, as they ended up living in the same town. He is not particularly athletic, preferring e-sports to regular sports. He spends most of his time indoors, playing video games. He is a Nintendo fanboy, more so than anyone he knows. He is also very talented when it comes to drawing.
Powers: Cian can bring drawings to life, this may seem like useless in a combat sense, however he can also transform them into real objects.

Damian show

Age the same as Bhroodon
Birthplace Newgrange
Current Dweling New York
Likes Females
Dislikes Douche bags and Idiots
Bio Even though he and Bhroodon are twins they couldn't be more different. Damian loves the outdoors and has the ability to give himself virtually any power aside from immortality, invulnerability and can only use 1 power at a time. He has had encounters with many demons and has been affected by these for the better and the worse. He was trained by the Mage like his Siblings. They all can use magic and teleport but for Damian that comes at a price. Energy. Use too much and he could sleep indefinitely.
He is the Guardian of the Spear of Power

Mia show

Age 10,205
Likes animals
Dislikes conflict
Bio the younger sister to Bhroodon and Damian. She is perhaps the most powerful. She was trained by the Mage and can teleport and use magic at no cost. She is the Guardian of the Ring of Wisdom

Red Man show

Age 21 (At time of transformation)
Bio Red Man was a scientist at a secret institute created solely to find out more about Red Particles. When exposed to these particles he was transformed into his current state. He has the ability to teleport at will and has Super-Human Stamina and strength.

Dan show

Age ???
Race Dark Angel
Bio Was raised by the parents of Bhroodon,Damian and Mia. Is an elf class master of magic and can hold his own against most creatures of the night. Because he looks 16/17 he spends most of his time undercover in high-schools.

Daniel show

Age ???
Occupation Head of Royal Knights of an unknown kingdom which fell into ruins long ago
Weapons An enchanted bo staff of unknown origin and an Uru infused core
Looks Hair as black as night and eyes as blue as the ocean
Clothes A tattered tunic of eleven origins and tattered shorts of dwarven origins. Prefers to be barefoot.
Other Info Always is accompanied by a wolf with fur as silver as the moon and scarred face named Scar. They both have an unknown connection to the Anunaki. When transported to the Shadow World he was struck by Shadow Lightning and gained Shadow Powers. He also found a Shadow Stone indicating that he might be a Hero of legend

DarkBlade show

Race Half Demon 1/4 human and 1/4 Shadow
Age unknown
Always tries to keep his demon side in check. Can melt into the shadows. Being of the Shadow race he can use dark magic. With his Shadow Armour and many weapons such as True Nights Edge sword he is a force to be reckoned with. He was tasked with finding the Heart of the Jaguar.He has two Fuse Stones embedded in his chest indicating he was once two different creatures. His personality is like that of Deadpool from Marvel Comics

Mei show

Race Mei (Dinosaur)
Age 16
Looks: look it up
Info Brought back to life as an embryo in an egg she was cared for by Bhroodon. Since hatching she has learned the English and Elven language. She can fight like any other dinosaur. With tooth or claw. Will follow Bhroodon to the ends of the Earth. She, and many creatures from the Mesozoic Era, were taken to Niberu to join the army for the fight against the Entity

The Gang show

This is a group of 5 teenagers gifted with immortality and special abilities. All wear a leather jacket,assorted colour of shirts and jeans. All work at the pizza parlour as the chef, Register operator,Delivery man, delivery man and waiter respectively. They where recruited into the army of the Anunaki and readied for war against the Entity and it's army

Cameron: a sharp tongue and amazing speed
John: amazing speed and super strength
Diarmuid: amazing strength and telepathic powers
Christopher: telekinesis and teleportation
Daniel: telekinesis, telepathic powers and teleportation

Daniel M show

Age 19
Equpment= black robes, black wood staff
Info Black mage of Manaroth who was born into a wealthy family. His family was killed when he was 12. At the age of 16 he became Guardian of The Elven Forest. At 17 he was whisked away to Niberu to be trained by the Anunaki and returned as an immortal

Kayla show
Age 16 (when she died)
Race Angel
Bio She is the girlfriend of Dan. She has many powers she does not know of. She is always trying to prove her worth to her brother, Daniel M. She was given the responsibility of guarding the Ruins of the Pluto Colony

Codename Delta show

Real Name Unknown
Age Unknown
Info: The ninja known as Delta was trained from an early age in the art of ninjutsu. He surfaced in recent times, or at least his actions have. Responsible for multiple assassinations, he keeps to the shadows. His footsteps never heard, his shadow never seen. He speaks with a voice modifier so his real voice is never heard

Codename Alpha show

Name Unrevealed
Info The Ninja known as Alpha is a young ninja who is vain enough to show his face. He does not have the skills of the other Ninja in the group but has many skills none the less. He usually stays behind and operates the technology behind the scenes

Codename Beta show

Real Name unknown
Info Beta is a ninja in training. She joins on missions to learn from the pro's. She idolises Delta and Omega. Her technique combines Delta's stealth and speed with Omega's cunning and tactics. She wants to be as good as them one day.

Codename Omega show

Real Name unknown
Info Omega is the oldest Ninja and became leader after his father, the sensei, was killed. Omega uses his cunning and tactics to assassinate targets.

Name Unknown show

Known as The Mage
Age Unknown
Race Presumably Human but the truth is unknown
Info Very little is known about The Mage. He trained Bhroodon,Damian and Mia and entrusted them with the Amulet,Spear and Ring respectively. No living person can match his magic skills and his skills are said to rival even the skills of the Anunaki. He has either mentored or worked with The Eight Heroes of Legend. He is suspected to have created the Amulet, Spear and Ring. It is speculated that he may have been the King of the Anunaki before being transformed into a human during The Fall of the Second District.

Nikara show

Age ???
Race Angel (Fallen)
Info Nikara was once an angel. Created by a high-up Anunaki he fell to Earth while defending a friend. He wandered the Earth when he met his companion, Silver the grey wolf. He has great prowess. He uses Shadow attacks and has learned to manipulate light. He can teleport and use projectiles. He is very powerful. He found a Fuse Stone, indicating that he may be a hero of legend

Indigo and Violet show
Violet: Age: 15
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Hair colour: Auburn
Skin: Pale
Eye colour: Indigo
Height: 5ft 4in
Body: Lithe

Indigo:Age: 15
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Hair colour: Brown
Skin: Pale
Eye colour: Violet
Height: 5ft 9in
Body: Thin

Info: Indigo and Violet where orphaned at the age of 5, later discovering that their parents were mage's. After finding the Shadow Blades used by their parents and the tomes they used, they decided only to use them in an emergency and decided to try to live normal lives

Black show

Age 19
Black is the champion of many regions. Like Red, he decided to continue his journey after beating them. He has a powerful selection of Pokemon at his disposal. He only ever has 4 Pokemon with him.
List of his Pokemon: Heatran,Noivern,Garchomp,Kabotops, Flareon,Raticate,
Charizard, Hypno,Gengar,Natu,Aggron and Stoutland

White show

Age 16
White is 3 years younger than his brother and was born after their family moved to Kalos. He has only beaten the Kalos league but had caught almost every Pokemon in the National Dex. He only ever travels with 3 at any time.
List of Pokemon: Sableye, Gardevoir, Pidgeot, Omastar, Zapdos, Nidoking, Lapras, Venomoth, Feraligator, Espeon, Lucario, Heatmor and Florges

The Master show
The Master was a powerful demon, commanding fear and respect among the army of demons. After a failed attempt to take over our world, he was trapped inside the body of an infant. The magi died, but successfully sealed him away. In the body of Theo Mastrus, he began influencing Theo, but Theo began influencing him. He eventually agreed to work with Theo after a failed exorcism fused their minds and sent them back in time.

The Destroyer show

A dog like demon with many blood red needles instead of fur. Along with that it has three eyes and a mysterious scar on its face that only it and The Master know the origin of.

Loki show

The Norse God of Lies and Tricks, Loki created three children to destroy the Gods after being humiliated. His children were Jourmungand, a giant sea serpent, the Fenris Wolf, the origin of the werewolf myth and Hel, the controller of destruction. He tried to destroy the Gods once but failed. Later he was trapped in the well of Urd by Arthur Quinn.He escaped a few months later to exact his revenge on Arthur and Ash

Codename Sigma show

Real Name Unknown
The ninja Sigma has a hatred for Delta. They have clashed multiple times. Sigma, tired of being defeated brought together a team of Ninja to take down Delta and co. He has an obsession with the Capcom character from the game Megaman X (Rockman X in Japan) with the same name, often quoting the character. He has said multiple times that Delta is last of the doctors creation , and that Omega was meant to follow him

and now, the big guy show

Name Nubesa
Age Billions of years
Info He is the Entity. Thinking that humans are unworthy he attempted to destroy them but was sealed away in a crystal room in the Shadow World. Freed when he switched Arc and Blackhearts minds, after he had corrupted Blackheart. He escaped and is preparing his army for the impending was against the Anunaki. He has almost every Godly power you would care to imagine. He can shape shift, teleport, create weapons from Shadows and tap into the Nova Force. A realm of energy. Any who can tap into this has unlimited power. The thing that kept him trapped was the Chain of Truth.

Blackheart show

Age 290
Species Dragon
Gender Male
Bio this dragon hatched from an egg Damian found 290 years ago. He is a free spirit and will do as he pleases. His breath is black fire which would shroud the target in Shadows. He was corrupted by Nubesa and now serves as his general

Other RP info show

Immortal in these cases mean the character can only fall in battle
Anunaki: A race of Deity like beings that were worshipped by the Ancient Sumerians. They inhabit the planet Niberu and will return to Earth and the Time of Niberu, when the evil Entity will rise again. They also were worshiped by other races but with different names. An example of this would be Mars/Ares
Niberu: The planet inhabited by the Anunaki. It is the tenth planet in our Solar System. It only comes into view every 1000 years
Heart of the Jaguar: a spear made of pure emerald created to destroy the Entity but could be wielded only by the Hero of Legend. It was lost many years ago
Shadian: These are descendents of the fallen. Anunaki who lost most of their power and looked at the Dark Arts. They would later become known as Shadows
The Fall of the First District was a catastrophic event during which 13 of the original 30 planets in our Solar-System were destroyed. They were thrown out of orbit and drifted into space. Remains of these planets were found near the location of a black hole. These planets were inhabited by human like creatures. They, however, had not evolved as far as humans.
The Fall of the Second District was a catastrophic event during which 15 of the 17 planets in our Solar-System that survived the Fall of the First District, were destroyed. They were incinerated by the expanding Sun. The two surviving planets were Niberu and Pluto. Pluto was abandoned and the eight planets we know today were later created by the Anunaki after the Sun returned to normal size
The Fall of the Third District is an event foretold by a power higher than the Anunaki. It is said that when the Entity returns, the Solar-System will be enveloped in an eternal Darkness. The Sun will turn black and explode in a super-nova. All creatures in out Solar-System will be exterminated and the super-nova will cause other stars to explode. There will be no escape. The Universe will be wiped clean. The Power claimed that it and it's kind will survive unless the Hero of Legend can stop the Entity

Some events of Canonical importance in this RPVerse will be shown from here
Fairy Slaughter show

When humans first encountered Fairies, they lived in harmony, trading with the Fairies. However, the humans grew greedy (Shocker) and the Fairies stopped trading. The humans grew angry, and eventually, violent. A group of humans attacked the Fairies. The High Fairy Counsel voted to send the youngest of each Fairy type, Light, Shadow and Ancient to the secret bunker and to be locked in there for 10,000 years. After witnessing the Slaughter, the Great Magi erased all memories of real Fairies from human memory and replaced it with, what we know today as, Fairy Tales

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