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Welcome to my profile. Things are pretty loose around here so let's go.

Name - James

Age : нет ты (Russian, look it up)

Region : Canada

Sexuality : Straight. I refuse to identify myself otherwise.

Note: Yes, I am a furry. Sorry if you now immediately don`t like me..

Religion : Wall Religion (praise the walls!!)

Languages : English & some Russian

Movies : I like the Rio movies, Indiana Jones (All 4 ), Back To The Future (All 3).

Tv Shows : ALL Sonic Shows, Avatar:The Last Airbender, Family Guy, and American Dad.

Fav. Movie : Ok, listen, Indiana Jones 4 is my favourite.. Hate me if you want.

Fav. Tv Show: Used to be Sonic Underground, but now I'm changing it to Sonic X. I'll probs change this occasionally considering I'm always watching things.

Fav. Movie Character : Indiana Jones

Fav. Tv Character : Sokka (Avatar:TLA)

Fav. Sonic Character : TAILS!

Least Fav. Sonic Character: Rouge (cannot stand her... she's good on deviantart tho ifyaknowwhatimean)

Fav. Emojis : (:thinking: is apparently only usable in the chatrooms.. )

Friend Requests : go ahead and friend me, the more the merrier. (something like that)

In the end, I'm a pretty laid back guy who loves Sonic (not the character) too much to comprehend.

See you around, bud

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