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im 14 years ^-^
my favorite song is Roads Untraveled
taken by Zack Guzman
music is my life .. <3
yes, im bisexual ._.
i live in Ohio c:
my b-day is oct.5.2002 ^-^
in the sunlight my eyes get rly rly bright blue xP so shtop pming me tht i have beautiful eyes >.<
im depressed,
im stressed..

mood and shizz show

[xxxxx] depressed
[x] happy
[ ] single
[xxxxxxxx] taken and in luv
[x] sad
[xxxxx] grunge ...
[xxxxx] missing ppl
[xx] listening to music <3 (hellz yeah)
[x] lonely
[xxxxx] heart broken

links I'm on:
Instagram : BulliedxToeath
Skype: haley1234508
Kik : Haley50490

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 0000-0000-0000

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