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i'm most definitely a girl
I have been in college since 16
work with kids
love pets
love sports
can b shy and outgoing
super clumsy and breakable

rp character show
use the about me section for more info
I usually roleplay as myself
name: Joy
gender: female
age: 17
hair: brown curly and to my shoulders
eye color: brown
in fantasy rp i can change into a dragon
my character lives her life farely normal until one day she becomes a dragon
since she is new shes like a baby dragon

dragon show
dragon age: new
eye color: blue
body color: red
size: small
gender: female
wings: 1 pair
powers or specials: not sure not able to control yet
extra info: as she is new she cant control her change when she gets extremely mad or is panicked her eyes turn blue and she changes

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 0662-6768-7990

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