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I am 17 years old
im just an otaku and always will be

My favorite food is sushi and pocky I really only read manga watch anime and listen to anime music now so I dont play games anymore

As you can see I only listen to japanese music now
all the mekakucity albums
all vocaloid
and anime music
That is all about me If you have more questions pm me

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I have to say that tulsan hipster is one of the nicest and best people I have ever met on here because she just understands me and we get along so well and did I mention that she is awesome love ya sis

Thanks to rickywolfy for my old work and thanks to MyAngel for my recent profile work
Hatsune Miku show
Hatsune miku is one of my fav singers
She's not an anime character, she's a singer!!! > w< -rickywolfy

Bleach show
Bleach is like one of the most epic animes I have ever watched and bleach got me started watching anime

Full Metal Alchemist show
Full Metal Alchemist is another top anime that all people should watch

One Piece show
One Piece is a pirate anime revolving around a young adventurer going on adventures with his epic crew this show gets a no2 on my list

Don't ever change c: -You Know Who.

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