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Character: Funky Pablo
Appearance: Swagalicious Afro, Thin Goatee, and Tye-Dye T-Shirt
Traits: Hip
WoC: Battery Powered Radio
Abilities: Funky Dance Moves
Description: Funky Pablo is an official "Hip Dude" and refuses to be associated with anything "un-hip"

Character: Charles Marble
Appearance: Plaid Suit, Large Beard, and Unibrow
Traits: Smart, Knowledgeable, and Witty
WoC: Mental Philosophy
Abilities: Can take over mind of anyone, and destroy the minds of anyone.
Description: Will be celebrating his 188th birthday on February 6th next year.

Character: Spud Hashbrown
Appearance: Big Red Nose, Black Hat, No Shirt or Pants.
Traits: Mentally Unstable, Deathly Afraid of Mr. Pringle
WoC: Cheese Grater
Abilities: Can Remove and Replace his Body Parts
Description: He is a Mr. Potato Head and always keeps spare parts in his butt.

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