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I'm back?

I am nice to my friends.

Just to clear it up: I'm a girl. This was made to spy on my friends who were dating, now..... Well..... That's another story.

to kitten22 show
Thank you for being there for me. I love you like a sister.

So this was when gamergirllove got hacked. I fixed it. But I'm gonna leave it here just for fun.
When gamergirllove got hacked show

The truth about gamergirllove's hacker:
(My wonderful comment on her profile)

Wait. Are you a male or a female? Or are you gay? Btw, I don't want to be raped by a female/male...... I don't want to be raped at all. You must of had a rough childhood. Hacking into people's accounts and being a b*tch about it. Not cool. I don't know who you're trying to impress, but you better stop and get your act together. Do your parents know about this? Maybe you are sad and alone because you're an attention hog. Your parents will be very disappointed in you. Go get a life and stop trying to be something that you're not. The real Gamergirllove is nice, and isn't an ass when she doesn't get what she wants. Everyone knows that you are fake. So stop. Don't try. You are a selfish little brat who is going to live a very lonely life!

In the beginning of all that I meant that I don't want to get raped. Nobody should get raped.
I was just saying what needed to be said.
Did you see what I did there with the colors????

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