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Find me on my meme page on insta bye hoes @dreekdill

On here since 2011 but I rarely come on here due to it becoming a dying website, and no one even has a 3ds on here and there's so many lifeless role players on here really in a few years this site will be none existent it used to be a thriving good site for people who genuinely wanted to play 3ds games but all good things come to an end I guess, and the monitors here are horrible and ban people for stupid things like having 2 accounts so I only come on here about once every 3 weeks, or more bye

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shiny_kirby follow it for daily memes

Wassup SpongeBob is bae and I like to play outside and I like cats I like my 3DS I like pokeman And I love summer

Hey feel free to add Pm or Add me I'm a friend to all as long as your not a jerk

if you pm me DO NOT say hi Hey Or Hello. say something more... if you pm me and say Hi Hey or Hello i will NOT reply, and if i do it means that your special. Thanks Lord


[IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG]i told you

pictures of me show



my top 5 favorite TV shows

#5 Drake and Josh
#4 Courage the cowardly dog
#3the Amazing World of Gumball
#2impractical jokers

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 1-2-3

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