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Songs I like: should I stay or should I go-The clash
Cherry bomb-the runaways
Hangin tough-new kids on the block
Clint Eastwood-gorrillaz
What I've done-Linkin Park
Hooked on a feeling-Blue Swede
Stuff I like: parties(obviously), creepypastas,superheroes,scary movies, and other stuff
Games I like: injustice, fnaf,mortal kombat,street fighter,Batman Arkham series
Shows I like: gravity falls,code lyoko,xiaolin showdown,Danny Phantom, Jimmy Neutron,Ed Edd n Eddy,Pokemon,Tmnt
Favorite colors: green,orange,red,blue
Favorite food: pizza
hobbies: playing soccer,running track,playing videogames, partying ,chilling with my friends,collecting amiibos, and other stuff
where fantasy and fun come to life show

TMNS show

super turtle bros show

come be part of the show show

bet you can't open this show
how did you do it

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So rate my profile I guess(not that anyone will )
2.meh personalities
Anyways if you're gonna add me pm me first and I shall see if thou art worthy of being friended :3,commenting on my profile doesn't automatically make us friends btw
So if you like what I like then tickle that add button and I might MIGHT add you back so enjoy my profile and comment
Spoiler: show
I am baaaaacck ✌✌✌!

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whoops guess you're not on here,bummer :3

partydude does not have a Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo 3DS friend code

partydude does not have a Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo 3DS friend code.

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