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i love to rp so pm me for one
RP show

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I'm a Girl, I have red hair, (i wish it was brown xc) that reachs My shoulders, I have dark green eyes and a pale Face, I'm gothic, and L love Pop music, and Taylor Swift, I love Bart Baker, I love Avril Lavine I love Anaconda, I Love My BoyFriend,
Shows I watch:
Family Guy.
The Simpsons.
Adventure Time.
Bobs Burgers.
I'm a book worm, and I'm 'Nice', if Your Nice Back.
I love to sing!
So if You need a Song Writen just ask.

Rate Me.
1. Amazing Rper.
2. poor Rper.
3. Nice.
4. Mean.
5. Weird.
6. Not weird. ( I take offence!)
7. I Love You.
8. I Hate You.
9. Amazing.
10. Horrible.
11. Ok Grammar.
12. Good Grammar.
13. Bad Grammar.
14. Good Friend.
15. BF.
16. BFF.
17. Lets go murder some Cows.
18. Die
19. Quit
20. Your worth less.

Bye You PanCakes....

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