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Hi, I'm simontv17. I have a Wii, Ds Lite, Dsi I, and planning to have a hacked 3ds to play free games. I also have a YouTube channel called, "simontv17". I usually play video games every day, and my friend code for MKDS is: 502787008854.

FAQ's: How do I tell the difference from the real simontv17 on the internet from imposter?

A. My Google plus,, any my YouTube channel are official.
Note: I can't connect to MKDS anymore.

On my dsi I play Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Agian! My friend code for that game is: 40424954531.

Note: I sometimes make levels and upload them under the name "simontv!".

I can't play anymore DS games since wiimfi doesn't support the games I play.

Update: I now have a 3ds. I play Super Mario 3d Land, Steel Diver: Sub Wars, and Nintendo Badge Arcade.

Link to youtube:
youtube (dot) com (slash as in Guns n' Roses) simontv17

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 1547-5585-2309

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