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I'm Wii2, but I forgot my password

I'm 10. I like Luigi/Mr. L/any other ones, The Rabbids, my mii, , and Flipnote Studios(dsi). I'm a grammar king, well most of the time.

What I'm feeling right now:

Sad [ ]
Gloomy [ ]
Moo! [X]
Crazy [Always]
vfsyhq4gsr6rs [Always]

Portal guns in Mario? Awesome! Another 101 ways to die now.

Friend me if you want always wanting more.

Please tell me in the comments about how random it is and how long it took you to get from top to bottom.

Well thanks for looking at my profile now you can go bye!

what are you look at?


your geting creepy plz go


i give up

the2ndwii2 does not have a Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo 3DS friend code.

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