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if you believed i was faking on you your wrong, i got mad and jealous one at you, i just thought you were really sweet and I didn't take a look at your point of view when I said what I said, I have not changed since the good old days, your still my friend I still care about you I know i offended you badly, it was because I didn't understand, I am not different, I was not faking you for the 7 months and 4 days we were together you met the world to me in those times, i thought you were losing interest in me so i got jealous...i am being the real me, always have been...i hope you have a wonderful life aswell...
this is what happened to me
Hi, I am a person named Thomas and I am 16 years young I lie to help people and you know just like make friends, for some reason, Like 80% of my friends here are girls, but irl 80% of my friends are dudes. Just a fun fact. I make a good listener and talker so if you need to say something or just want to chat you know. Just send a PM, there is a 10% chance you will get a reply in a day( I am gone for most of the summer). I love listing to people and talking to people if they are nice, but if you are a jerk its okay if you are ashamed of something, we all are deep down.

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Name: Thomas

Religion: Christian (Baptist)

Eye color: sexy brown


Relationship: I am dating a emo, yeah. WHAT YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT?!

Personality: normally friendly, funny, sensitive, caring (if you need help)
Relationship stats: I am happily taken by the girl/species of my dreams....

Likes: most teenage boy activities, bouldering, chilling, nice people, nice places, horror movies, scary things, reading,drawing, some writing, nice things, philosophy, gemology, astrology (I know much)

,disliked: creepy bugs, creepy people (justs for funz), haters, bullies, rapists, people who talk about star wars non-stop, unsanitary bathrooms, lying, cheating, hate, gay pride (yeah, that's right, I only dislike it), gross things, gross people, disrespecting.

Zodiac: Pisces (the sensitive romantic mystical secretive fish)

Photo of my face:[IMG][/IMG]( I know you think I am cute)

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. Never. Escaped. The. Silence




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...alot of teens are depressed and struggling I know almost anyone and everyone has a few issues that they hate having and stuggles they don't want...things they have done that they are ashamed of... I feel lowerd...I feeled that the happy helpful wanting to help others spark...just left me...I have never really needed others for real help on the inside...just I do not need someone to talk to I need someone to feel with in know what I have done and why I feel the way I feel...I need a healer stanger then I...Personally...In some areas I have been the best healer I have ever seen...I have helped many...but where does a hurt strong healer go for a coupple of mental bullet holes and irl...some people came to me and told me things they wouldn't tell anyone...I have been hurt irl before but never wounded badly. never cryed over a damaging wound...I have always been know irl to be strong and that guy you go to for advice that worked...a sloution to the problem, a healer, A true friend, a friend that would rarely hurt you, and if he did he didn't intend it...that guy who would try to help you the best he could...I am no longer that guy...I am nothing...Nothing to be proud of or talk to...I lowered myself to much thinking i could easily get back up...but only one arrow can kill the strongest men...I forgot to ware my armor...the sage has left and went in a cave to figure out a problem he has never seen....when he comes out I know I will have my awnsers I know I will have the soultion I still have some hope...I hope everyone keeps alittle hope..he..he.he...well bye...if you need some advice or perhaps a may still talk to be...It may bring the best of me out.... But good things come to those who wait

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I have some best friends on here they are so very close to my heart I love you guys very much and I hope you stay well, I bless you and god Loves you as well as me never lose hope you guys are
Ava and Marcy like I said you mean a lot to me and are very close to my heart and I hold a very special place there for you And if I completely lost one of you I'd be completely shatterd, and in tears, for at least 2 days, stay safe Ok? I worrie about you guys sometimes, also I know you guys will get the very best from life if you try. God bless you and I will keep you in my my heart soul and mind in a very special place and words can't it explain how deeply I care about you both

My bestie:Ava!
Ava, is the best friend I have. And ever will. because I am her bestie too. Which makes the friendship special. Her weirdness rubbed off on me. Ish okie though. lol. Anyways. if you mess around or target my best friend. I can't do much to stop you. But it shows your lack of self control and disrespect towards a girl who just wants to be your friend. How ungentlemanly of you. She may not be perfect. To you. But to me. It doesn't matter, Her flaws are to me seem few. but the ones she does have doesn't bother me very much. it w. Always someone I can go to when I need someone who won't judge or be mean or make rude comments against me. Ava. you are extremely loved. always and forever by me. you have been a blessing to me. God bless your soul and wonderful heart. -sincerely your bff Thomas



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