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Seth show

Gijinka forme :

The best forme

Real name: ZP98

-Sapphire Grimreaper Cloak(slightly glows with a sapphire light)
-Dual eye color:Left eye-Green/Right eye-Red
-Left arm and hand looks like a Manaphy's

-Gauntlets (releases an orange blade of binary power or can turn into the GBG and PBG)
-GBG (Gatling Bluetricity Glove)
-PBG (Powerplasma Blast Glove)
-Binary set(binary vaporizes through using pierce vaporizing technology) :
-binary nano sword
-binary uzi
-binary knife
-binary katar
-binary spheres

-Shadow powers (such as vaporizing into the shadows to hide like a shadow sneak)
-Full Binary use [PASSIVE]
-Energy consuming teleport
-Full healing aspect
-Rage mode [PASSIVE]
-Lightning speed [PASSIVE]
=-Legendary Summon-=

~Camouflages to blend in perfectly with water
~Water absorb (used to heal as well)
~Water element
~Forme change
~Heal ball
~Punch of the Infinite [PASSIVE]

Scout forme:

The unusual forme

Name in this forme-Citrus

A Zorua from the Zeper Zorua forme. Usually used to scout (obviously) or travel. Rarely used for anything else. It is green where a Zorua is usually colored red and can perform certain elements.

Human forme

The main forme

Name-> Seth Sinity

Gender-> Male

Age-> 16

-> Teleport
-> Levitation
-> Water
-> Plasma
-> Holy Asset
-> Physic (to a limit)

-> Red eye color
-> Black hair
-> Blue hooded cloak
-> Blue T-Shirt
-> Black pants
-> White obsidian electronic gloves

Since Seth isn't enough for me I'll add another of my characters that I enjoy using often. Not everything is included, but then again I shouldn't need to be too descriptive when redoing a character.

Vista show

Name=Vista Victic


Species=Victini gijinka




Jason's Custom Pistol
Material Changing Knife
The Sword of Vista

Fire elements
Physic full use
Slight portaling
Slight flying
Victory Star [PASSIVE] (Making it nearly impossible to miss any attack. On her opponent that is)

Zen show

What he is: 25% angelic, 25% demon, 25% human, --25% gijinka (Riachu and Jolteon)-- or --10% Cat, 15% Blade?--



Companion-Flurry (extremely protective over her)

Appearance-Light colored skin at the slightest ever dark toned. 5'7". Has emerald green eye color and yellow hair to match with his cat ears (or of a special case, Jolteon ears). Usually wears a leather tan shirt along with black pants. Sometimes wears a yellow hooded cloak that goes around his body and stretches from his neck to his knees to help hide his bladed tail (Riachu tail in special occasions) as well as protect him from certain things. If not the cloak he wears an orange hoodie with one long pocket and no zipper. The hoodie has the same effect as the cloak.

Weapons-Silver spike (like a 3 pointed ninja star), plasma/vaporizor bar (he can generate each of those in his hands infinitely), sapphire bladed emerald katar, nuclear beam glove cannon, flamethrower glove cannon, vaporizor beam glove cannon, his own tail

Items/equipment-The black visor(sp), Portal knife(sp), matches and lighters(don't ask), Zens galaxy atom delectronizor(sp), galactic atom vaporizor(sp), Scouter

Powers-Silhouette, electricity, black magic, dimension jump, energy discharge, teleport, gear change

Bio-Came from another dimension. He used to be a deadly assassin until he ended up last on a planet unknown to him and his galaxy, then lost his powers. Taken in by Zero and retrained, he is back at his potential. However Zero did this at all costs to achieve his goal. As time has passed he escaped from Zero and the abuse and is now a new being. Even this being years ago, it's still burned into his mind for every detail of what happened. This both helps and hurts Zen.

I do enjoy testing some characters before I am to officially decide whether or not to keep them or abandon the idea. If I am to want to do so I'll place those characters here for reference:

Kid Zero show


Age- 13

>He went through time and space to catch up to the current timeline. But it is currently unknown if he is walking through time at will for the good of fixing his mistakes, just to have some extra fun against an opponent of worth (himself), or to just make things worst right from the beginning. However he isn't as strong, having not yet started his path to the gods. But, being a kid, he is still more creative than his future self.

~Reaction Time

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Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 5129-1886-8545

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