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Hi! I'm ~Super_Mario~! I Don't Own Any Gaming Console, But I'm Still Happy With I Got.
P.S: If Probably, I Can Get A WiiU This Year, Or A MC Premium Account.
I'm One Of The Biggest Fans Of Mario!
I'm Also A Vocaloid Fan, But I Don't Hear The Music, I Just Know Various Characters.
My Favorite Of All Of The Vocaloid Characters Is SeeU. <3


I Would Like To Apologize In Advance, Since My Wii Had A Total Brick, And I Can't Restore The Damaged Data With BootMii, I Need To Send It To A Repair Service To Install A New NAND (Internal Wii's Memory Storage)
Sorry For Any Inconveniences...

Mario Kart Wii, Player Statistics: show

Name | None.
Stars | 0.
Character | None.
Vehicle | None.
VR | 0k.
BR | 0k.
Friend Code | 0000-0000-0000
Level Of Activeness | Retired.
Skill On Races | None.
Skill On Battles | None.

Minecraft, Player Statistics: show

Name: DiamondNekoSanti.
Using MC Through: Mineshafter-launcher
Launcher Got From:
Fav Server: - Survival, Creative, HG - Creative, Building Contest
I'm Good At:
- Parkour | 7/10
- Survival | 8/10
- Creative | 9/10
I'm Bad At:
- PvP | 5/10
- Hunger Games | 4/10

Other Facts About Me: show

Real Name: Santiago (Sounds Weird On English ).
Complete Name: ?????? ???????? ????? ??????? (PM Me To Know It, ONLY THE PERSONS WHO ARE ON MY 3DSPLAZA BFFS LIST CAN KNOW THIS!!!!!!!!!!)
Country: Colombia (Search It On Maps, It's On South America).
Main Language That I Talk: Spanish.
Other Languages That I Talk: English.
Birthday: Dec. 11.
Favorite Colors: Aqua, Blue And Navy.
Gender: Male.
Age: 15.
Time Zone: GMT -5.

Which Mario Character Are You? Quiz Results: show

I Scored As Mario! Now Let's Keep Going To Save Princess Peach!

Also, Find Me On: show

DeviantArt: SuperMario8424.
YouTube: SuperMario8424.
ROBLOX: SuperMario8424. SuperMario8424.
Hatena: SuperMario8424.
Minecraft: (Cracked, Not Original): NekoNekoSanti.
More Soon!

Nicknames: show
~Super_Mario~ (Original)
Santi: Real, Short Name.
SuperMario: (Version Without The Symbols).
~S_M~ (Shorter Version).
~SM~ (2nd Shorter Version).
ShexxiMariio: AllieRawr (ShexxiAllie)
ShexxiMario: ~iLindsayStarZ~ (ShexxiLindsay).
MarioMaster: MarioFinale13 (FinaleMaster).
SexxySuperMario: LexyLoo (SexxiLexxi).
SupaMario: TrollerSkates (SupaSkates), Jason2K12 (SupaJason).
EpicMario: EpicShyGuy (ShexxiRosie, ShexxiShyGirl, MiniShyGirl).
SmexxiMario: JamariJay (SupaJamari).
ShexxiMario842: PaperStarZ (SupaSam).

Useful Threads! show

Beginners Guide Thread:
New To Plaza? Type In The Chat: "/thd 37204" This Will Help You A Lot!
Profile Modification Thread:
Want To Style Your Profile Without The Help Of Others? Type In The Chat "/thd 41454".

3DSPlaza BFFS: show

AllieRawr (ShexxiAllie): Oh My God! This Girl Is Crazy, Literally, Since Every Funny Thing She Types Makes Me Go Rolling On The Floor Laughing!
Other Thing That I Want To Tell Her, Is That I Wish She Were Online More Often, Because, When I'm Sad, She Cheers Me Up.
Anyways, She's A Really Good Friend, And It's My 3DSPlaza Sis, But I Don't Think She Remembers That, Oh Well, She Will Ever Be My 3DSPlaza Sis.
MarioFinale13 (FinaleMaster): This Was My 3DSPlaza Bro Before, But I Don't Know What Happened To Him, Since He Didn't Get Online Before...
Anyways, He'll Still Be My Bro!
Paul: This Guy Is Sorta Good At MKWii, But Since We Haven't Talked In A While, I Don't Know Which Is The Reason Why He's Not Online Any More.
Anyways, He's A Good Friend.
BecciOnion: I Still Remember Her, But I Don't Know If She Remembers Me, Since We Haven't Talked For A Long Time, And It'll Be More Hard To Recognize Each Other, Because Of The Name Changes.
Anyways, I've Talked To Her Thrice And I Wish I Would Talk To Her Again On The Future.
Skittaraps: I Barely Remember Him, Since I Didn't Have Seen Him Anymore On The Chatrooms.
Anyways, I Never Was Friend Of Him, But It Would Be Awesome If I Were His Friend.
~Awesome_Ray~: This Is My Dude! We Don't Stop Talking On The Chatrooms About Funny Things! We're Like Bros!
~iLindsayStarZ~ (ShexxiLindsay): Oh My God! This Girl It's Like Allie, They're Like Twins! Everytime On The Chatrooms, When, She's Online, She Make Me Laugh So Hard That Sometimes, Almost I Fell Of My Chair!
Anyways, I Don't Know If We Going To Talk Again, Since The Chatrooms Are Laggy...
EpicShyGuy (ShexxiRosie, ShexxiShyGirl, MiniShyGirl): She's One Of The Friends That I Never Forgot, She Had The Game MKWii, And She Was Really Good At It, But I Don't Think That She Will Get The Game Back Again...
Anyways, She's One Of My Special Friends, She Deserves To Get On This List!
JJDestroyer94 (Juan): A MKWii Friend, He's A Nin Or FTL (For The Loss) Hacker.
What Does A Nin, FTL Hacker Does? Well, Here's Your Response:
- Nin, FTL Hackers Gives Away Massive VR/BR.
- Nin, FTL Teachs A Lesson To FTW (For The Win) Hackers.
- Nin, FTL Hackers Are Nice Hackers.
- Nin, FTL Hackers Are Pro.
By The Way, Since I'm One Of His Friends, He's Giving Me Free VR Everytime I Screw Up My VR (E.G: 9999VR > 9000VR) He'll Recovery It With No Problem!
Anyways, When He's Not On The Hacker Business, He's A Very Good Person To Talk With!
RickyWolfy (Ricky): He Is An Awesome Friend, He Likes Anime, He's The First Fan Of Anime That I Meet On This Website, He's A Very Good Person To Talk With, He Haves Nintendo Systems Like: A WiiU, A 3DS & A Wii, But He's Still More Online More On The WiiU & The 3DS! Don't Forget To Add Him! You'll Not Gonna Regret!
EpicFailure: I Have Lack Of Info. About Him... "= _=
Anyways, We Haven't Talked In A While.
SomeLuigi (~Some_Luigi~): He Changed My Username, Not A Really Big Task, But He Maked My Name Look More Cooler, Thanks!
By The Way, He's Not Doing Name Changes Anymore, I Don't Know Why, So Don't Ask Him For A Name Change.
AlexIsAKitty (Alex): I Don't Know What To Say About Her, But She's Good At MKWii! I'm Not Lieing.
She's A Good Person To Talk With! I Never Doubt That!
Oh! And By The Way, Some Persons Are Calling Her A Fake, If You Dare To Call Her A Fake, You'll Regret About It. It's Just A Warning.
More Soon! Or That's Just I Think...

If I Was Able To: show

If I Was Able To Respect:
I'll Respect All The 3DSPlazaians That Are On The List Above!
If I Was Able To Disrespect:
I'll Disrespect All The 3DSPlazaians That Hate Me, Say Bad Things About Me & Hate My Friends.

Profile Image: show

The Guy Is Me On My MC Skin, Pretty Cool, Eh?

Friend Requests: show

I Accept ALL Friend Requests! Don't Worry If I Didn't Talked With You You Can Still Be My Friend!

Bye! show

Ok, Thanks For Stepping By And Good Bye! /
Also, You Can Leave A Comment Too! Well, If You Want To!

~Super_Mario~ does not have a Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo 3DS friend code.

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