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Hello, im Meko Bell. I like to scooter and play baseball and basketball. I have a gf thats been with me for a month and a half. I have brown hair [sometimes naturally blonde from the sun] i have light brown eyes. Well thats it for now. Goodbye.

Meko:18,Male,Black hair,Blue eyes,Has golden wings and can create multiple invisable arms.
Mackia,17,Female,silver long hair to her end of her back,Blue eyes,Has silver wings,Has mindpowers.

Drake: 18,Is a normal human that likes to party and wear good looking clothes. He usually wears bucket hats,snapback hats, and beanies. He has blonde hair, hazel eyes,has freckles, plays sports, rides scooters. Drake is a guy who can help people out and care for others.

Z3R0: 19,Is a wizard/human/demon that can make thungs do what he wants it to do. He can be friendly but mess wit him in a attitude way, you will get [TERMISHMATED a.k.a terminated]. Z3R0 can turn human. He has black short curled hair, and hazel eyes.

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 3896-8675-2341

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