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I don't care about plaza anymore.

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Youtube: HeroLarcio
I mostly post little hack bits and bobs/clips from stuff I do on my PC.
Colors!: HeroLarcio
I don't use Colors much anymore.
Minecraft: darkzack_flame
I mostly play on Hypixel or Emenbee. Come find me if you want.
Steam: SirChestnut (you'll see an orange Chesnaught when you search the name)

Make sure to tell me you're from Plaza if you want to add me.
DeviantArt: Darkzack-Flame
I don't post much anymore for the same reason why I don't post to Colors much. (Motivation is lacking...)
FurAffinity: RenuziTheWolf
Read DA and Colors.
GBATemp: HeroLarcio
Discord: SpikyWerehog#1574
Make sure to tell me you're from Plaza.

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Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 0000-0000-0000

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