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RP characters:
Ethan show
Age:14 Gender:Male Species: Human Abilities: Has the power to earn powers. This means he earns powers over time. He has at least 70 or more abilities because of this. (e.g. Teleportation, flight, palmblast, and every psychic power, elemental power, magic power, and mutant power known.) However, Jack of all Trades, Master of none. Also, he must eat way more nutrients than the average human. If he runs out of energy, he's helpless.
Passover is a move that defeats all enemies in the area given they're weak. Power light is a deadly ray that comes outta either your chest or your hand. Flick-Boom; you could probably figure that out
Donell show
Age: 21 (As far as we know.) Gender: Male Species: Human Abilities: He's a savage who can give anything spikes. He carries a spiked hula-hoop-like weapon. His brother, Quincy's soul shares his body. Quincy's words in caps. Other: He has spiked hair, sharp teeth, and a black shirt with a red X.
Styla show
Age: 26 (As far as we know.) Gender: Female Species: Human Abilities: Cyborg. 'Nuff said.
Nam show
Age: 7 Gender: Male Species: Human Abilities: Has almost PERFECT accuracy with any kind of weapon. Has psychic powers, top speed of 110mph, and insane instincts. However, he's not very strong or durable. Other: He wears a yellow shirt, a backpack, and often carries a bow.
The Inescapeable Creature show
A strange being that is white, and the sides of his body are peach. He floats around looking for victims, and assimilates them. He has stretchy limbs and claws. See comments.
RP places:
Jungle of Death show
An island where plant creatures, zombies, and other weird creatures reside. There is much valuables to find, though...
Dark Dimension show
Only accessable when the Dark Star is broken. Whoever controls the Dark Star when it breaks is put in a prison until the other people sucked in either die or escape. There is a portal home guarded by a darkness creature. The Dimension is where all the dark creatures live. Not to be confused with Shadow Creatures, which can't live in light and reside in our own dimension.

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