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Name: Serra Jones
Username: Shiereeshii (Shii)

Welcome to my profile fellow user of 3DSPlaza. I am an average 16 year old teenager who has a passion on programming, drumming, watching anime, and gaming. I am a current sophomore in my high school. I have changed my name many times on 3DSPlaza, though this should be my last name change.

Previous usernames: Kouta, ProGamer64, Gandalfr, Pro64

Shii the Programmer

I currently know the following programming langauges: PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I have been using the previous pogramming languages to create social medias for the past 3-4 years. Now, I am learning C/C++, Python, and Ruby to start with software engineering. In the future, I plan on making games and/or applications for the Homebrew Launcher for the Nintendo 3DS.

Shii the Drummer

I play in the percussion part of the Hattiesburg High School Band. The instrument that I currently play is Bass. For the pass 2 years, I've been working extremely hard to be in the drumline till this year when I actually made it. Even though, I'm not playing the instrument that I want to play, its extremely fun and if your interested and you should check it out.

Shii the Anime Watcher

I extremely love anime. To me, Anime is my Cable. I watched a great amount of anime, I don't really have a favorite one. I do have a favorite in genres. Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu is my favorite in Comedy. It is extremely funny. This anime is really the only anime that actually made me laugh. Like I'm goofy but this anime is the ONLY anime that made me laugh. Nisekoi and Clannad has a tie in romance. Both anime has extremely great romance. Clannad actually made me cry at the end. I'm dead serious. Nisekoi is more of a mystery when it comes to romance.

Shii the Gamer
Pretty much explanatory. I love playing games. Steam consists games that I would play everyday all day. Garry's Mod is my all time favorite. I love online games like Garry's Mod, especially the game modes that Garry's Mod includes.

Want the homebrew launcher on your 3DS?
Follow this guide! (Link)

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