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I luv anime , video games , hentai and cosplaying !

Join me on Avakin Life !
Mistress Mei

My fave anime show
Sora No Otoshimono

Kill la Kill

Kyonyuu Fantasy (NSFW)

My fave video games show
Majoras Mask

Senran Kagura


Dead or Alive Xtreme

Mario Kart


My fave movies show
Big Hero 6
My Neighbor Totoro

Umm... I love to cosplay 😊
I dyed my hair blue 😍
I love Vocaloid , Savage Genius , Firewind and Under17
Special thanks to PANZERFAUST , Crush42 , ilia , and the rest from the profile design forum for helping me make my profile this great !
Luv you all !

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